Junker (est. 2001) started with stuff I dived outta dumpsters, everything is made with grubby little paws.I have mutated, overdyed, rusted, painted, buried or bled on every piece. The clothes are all one of a kind, made from denim, leather, whatever I can find in the dirty streets of Los Angeles.

Wear It Hard.

Wear It Loud.

Was born at St Vincents in Manhattan and grew up in Houston, Texas on a steady diet of Ultraman, horror movies, war films, and Star Wars. I spent a lot of time drawing and exploring in the creek by my house. At around the age of 8 I started getting in trouble in school for drawing on all my papers and my desk. In high school I was getting into trouble for wearing biker boots and painting on my clothes, so I quit and started playing in punk rock bands. During that time, I started sewing more and put legs of jeans on my jackets for arms, drew, hand painted , silk screened, and dyed all my clothes. I continued to mutilate clothes when I moved to LA in 2000 I started to experiment with aging processes, and patternmaking. I made a vest at a friend’s house, Lenny Kravitz saw it, bought it, and that’s how it all started.